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Civil Mediation

Michael T. Sutton is an experienced and licensed civil mediator with the Kentucky Administrative Office of Courts and is approved to handle general civil mediations in Kentucky.

Mediation is an efficient, low cost, alternative to costly and timely court litigation. During mediation, the mediator, which is a neutral party helps the parties resolve the dispute or conflict. The mediator facilitates the negotiations between the parties and does not rule or decide like a judge would do. Mediation is a voluntary process that both parties agree to and the results can be binding when a settlement or agreement is reached.

Civil mediation can involve disputes about property boundaries, business and contracts, construction, elder law, will disputes or contests, landlord/tenant, real estate, employment and many other civil related matters.

Mike has been a licensed mediator since 2005 and has over 35 years of legal experience as an attorney practicing in Kentucky in various civil and legal matters.