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Collaborative Process

Collaborative law provides an alternative to adversarial divorce proceedings that often become stressful and expensive. The collaborative process allows couples to peacefully resolve property, financial, and custody issues through an out-of-court, problem-solving approach. In the collaborative law process, divorcing couples retain attorneys that are trained in collaborative family law to help them reach a resolution and divorce settlement by acting as advisors rather than litigators. Couples commit to settle matters without resorting to litigation or threatening litigation. Attorney Jennifer R. Dusing has embraced the concept and practice of collaborative law, and is a member of the Academy of Northern Kentucky Collaborative Professionals, Inc., a non-profit organization that promotes the use of the collaborative process in family law cases.

Before beginning the collaborative process, the divorcing couple and their attorneys sign an agreement stating that they will work together in a team approach to resolve all of their family law issues. The attorneys pledge that they will not litigate the case in court. This creates a collaborative environment in which the lines of communication remain open and all control remains in the hands of the divorcing couple. If you are interested learning more about the Collaborative Law approach, please contact Jennifer R. Dusing, a trained and practicing Kentucky collaborative professional.