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For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

What Is It: A For Sale By Owner or FSBO occurs when a home owner sells their home without using the services of a real estate agent.

What Does That Mean: Mainly it means that the homeowner will NOT have to pay a real estate agent’s fees that can average between 3-6% of the total contract price. However, some FSBO’s can and will contract with a buyer’s agent in exchange for paying up to 3% of the total contract price. Further, it means that the seller and/or buyer will be attempting to navigate contract negotiation, contract acceptance, whole house inspections and closing procedure without professional assistance.

Why Hire a Real Estate Attorney: The attorneys at Raines, Dusing & Sutton can advise and guide you to a proper and timely FSBO negotiation, sale and closing. We can advise a buyer or seller through proper contract negotiation, review real estate contracts for flaws and loopholes and assist in property disclosure statements required by KY law. Further, the attorneys at Raines, Dusing & Sutton also provide title exam and title insurance and perform real estate closings at their office. Call today for assistance with a For Sale By Owner sale or purchase 859-916-5882.