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Title Exams and Title Insurance

The Attorneys at Raines, Dusing & Sutton work with Northern Kentucky real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and commercial and residential real estate sellers and buyers in performing title exams and providing title insurance.

What Is a Title Exam: Title exams are performed during the course of a real estate transaction. A title exam is performed to insure that the seller has the legal right to transfer the property and that there is no defect in title prior to the transfer of property. A title exam occurs when a title examiner traces the property from its current owner, back to its original ownership and forward again. This is referred to as the Chain of Title. The chain of title includes researching reviewing past deeds, mortgages, discharges, IRS & DOR tax liens, wills, trusts, probates, divorce decrees & foreclosures. Once a title exam is performed, Raines, Dusing & Sutton will write and release a report to the buyer advising the buyer of any known title defects or whether the title appears to be free and clear.

What Is Title Insurance and Why Is It Important: Title Insurance is purchased to protect the new owner from any defect of title that could not be found during a thorough title exam. These defects can result in a challenge in title. Such events include, but not limited to, an unrecorded deed or lien, unpaid tax amounts, an unknown heir or human error can create defects of title. Title insurance protects the current owner from any financial loss up to the face amount of the policy plus the full cost of any legal defense of your title. Basically, title insurance protects your interest in the property and covers any legal defense you may incur if someone contests your ownership interests.

Title Exams and Title Insurance are about protecting your interest. For more information, please call us @ 859-578-6600.